100 years, (well 88 at least) for Humanity

Hi it’s Bradley from EWS Lab_13!!!

Here I have set myself the task to try and get a main event for every year up until 2100. And the result of this tedious but fun project is below:

The Next 100 Years for Humanity

-2012: Solar Storm causes radioactive devastation over the northern hemisphere triggering widespread power-cuts

-2013: Higgs boson particle is finally proved existent

-2014: population reaches 7.5 billion

-2015: Genetically modifying animals will become commonplace

-2016: Genetically Modified crops become our main food source

-2017: We will be able to go on holidays to space

-2018: Sea levels rise 10 metres everywhere putting low lying areas at risk

2019: NHS becomes privately owned by investing companies

-2020: First Car that will be able to drive itself is put into production

-2021: North Sea runs out of oil

-2022: Population reaches 8.5 billion

-2023: AI becomes advanced enough to think for itself for a short period of time

-2024: Concorde 2 introduced due to popular demand, (London to New York in 90 minutes)

-2025: A cure for cancer will be developed

-2026: “Super Disease” causes mass pandemic killing hundreds of millions of people

-2027: Vladimir Putin’s head is forever incarcerated in Cybonic head container to remain Ultimate Ruler of Russia Forevermore

-2028: First marine settlements are founded making housing for many thousands of people

-2029: Population reaches 10 billion

-2030: Due to rapidly increasing population a worldwide child limit is implicated in certain countries

-2031: Earthquake on Chile’s west coast triggers Tsunami that hits Chile, Mexico, USA’s west coast, and east Japan killing 45 million people

-2032: Oil prices dramatically increase even more making petrol cost £3 per litre.

-2033: Most roads in MEDCs become heated so that rain and ice melts decreasing the amount of crashes.

-2034: 60% of world runs on renewable/sustainable energy

-2035: Stem cell treatments become available on the NHS

-2036: Population reaches 12.5 billion

-2037: Oil runs dangerously low

-2038: IVF is now has a 80-90% success rate rather than the old 20-35%

-2039: Vaccination that fights HIV is developed

-2040: First prototype flying car is developed

-2041: Another “world’s biggest number” invented: the “googoogle-plex”, (10^10^100^1000)

-2042: Terrorist attacks in London are related to Bin Laden’s death.

-2043: Robot advanced enough to react to most circumstances is created

-2044: Population reaches 15 billion

-2045: Nuclear war averted between Russia and USA over resource disagreements

-2046: Yellowstone volcanic eruption plunges USA, Western Europe, Central America and some Pacific Islands in darkness as ash cloud covers them

-2047: The “year without summer” declared due to volcanic ash cloud now spreading over the whole planet except for central Asia and Australasia

2048: Due to failing crops worldwide, millions die of starvation

-2049: ash cloud clears; total death toll is 700 million people

-2050: Cash will no longer be needed; “Virtual Money” is all that will be needed

-2051: in a feat of scientific endeavour America lands an astronaut on Mars, no life is found

-2052: Population reaches 18 billion

-2053: Spray on clothing is fully developed and sold throughout MEDCs

-2054: A cure for cancer is developed and thousands of patients are relieved

-2055: Voyager 1 space probe loses communication with earth as it is too far away

-2056: Natural helium reservoirs are depleted

-2057: Helium is artificially synthesised by cold fusion, (this also creates a sustainable source of energy)

-2058: Technology to “design babies” by eliminating embryos which have particular unwanted characteristics

-2059: Clothing that can dry itself after raining by expending the water is created

-2060: Cybonic Integration is possible

-2061: Population reaches 23 billion

`       -2062: Mars astronauts return from Mars unharmed

-2063: advanced camouflage is developed that allows the user to become nearly invisible

-2064: Bionic components in over 30% of people

-2065: Another planet with the ability to sustain life will be found that is just like earth and fairly close

-2066: almost 90% of the world’s energy is created renewably/sustainably

-2067: TV that emits specific scents depending on what the scene contains is invented and sold at a high price

-2068: New planet discovered in our solar system that orbits around the sun nearly exactly opposite to earth. Planet is between mars and the asteroid belt

-2069: Population reaches 30.5 billion

-2070: First marine “city” is finished in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean

-2071: Voyager 2 space probe loses communications with earth

-2072: Amazing study shows that the Amazon rainforest is 40% as big as what it was in 2010

-2073: Due to the world’s low wood sources, wood based products are now by law recycled

-2074: The 3D printer is finally finished development and is now available in shops

-2075: Despite mass controversy human cloning will eventually become legal

-2076: British Empire is reborn, expanding exponentially in Southern Asia and Australasia

-2077: Population reaches 39.5 billion

-2078: Most fast foods are now artificially synthesised using the necessary materials needed for a healthy lifestyle, like vitamins and minerals, and all the other substances required to maintain a balanced diet

-2079: F7 tornado declared after an unbelievable devastating weather phenomenon almost 1 km wide smashed through Kansas, USA. could be mistaken for a small hurricane

-2080: One child policy introduced in western countries like USA and UK

-2081: Experimental procedure to have an “In-built” computer in one’s head, so they would have access to the internet wherever they are

-2082: TV has been re-invented as Holo-Vision is now available; the pictures are projected into the room creating the ultimate sense of “being in the scene”

-2083: due to one child policy parents

-2084: First communication with extra-terrestrial life from a different planet

-2085: Population reaches 50 billion

-2086: WW3 starts over religious matters and MEDC’S getting involved

-2087: Parents can now specifically choose which genes to incorporate into the chromosome of the embryo

-2088: First self-thinking robot will be created

-2089: First dead flesh is resurrected using new technology whereby a gel is injected into the tissue which encourages agitation of cells which makes the tissue “appear” to be living


-2091: People will be able to communicate without mobile phones, using radio waves from a “bionic upgrade” in the mind

-2092: the first completely independent robot is created that can think for itself in all situations

-2093: WW3 ends, total death toll is 4 billion people

-2094: Population reaches 61 billion

-2095: Religion banned due to previous disagreements

-2096: We set up a permanent moon colony of scientists and housing for the rich people

-2097: Robot that can self-replicate itself is created and is stored in high security conditions to prevent a breakout of “robots”

-2098: Old Computer printers, (2D) are now redundant as ink is not made any more as it is not needed because 3D printers have taken over

-2099: Landfills are no longer used as there is now a way to recycle anything by sustainable eco-friendly means

-2100: Population reaches 72 billion

It took about 2-3 hours to think up and write all of these events and I had help from some friends from Lab_13, (Ben, Josh, Ross, Siani and Miss Tyler) who supplied a lot of good ideas for the list.

Thank you for reading this post and and extra special thank you if you read through the whole list.


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Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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3 Responses to 100 years, (well 88 at least) for Humanity

  1. Amy says:

    Wow! what a list! Thanks Bradley, made for some very interesting reading (some interesting, some slightly depressing, some uplifting predictions!). I can’t believe you managed to put that together in just a few hours!

    Thanks for adding this. It would be great to see other Lab_13 predictions!


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  3. Joe says:

    I’m afraid i can’t read all of them, i might grow old half way through it! Well Done!

    Joe-Lab_13 Irchester Committee Member

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