A sad goodbye……

At Irchester, our Lab_13 committee are made up of year 5 and year 6 students. Sadly, they year 6s are now moving onto secondary school and so will say their goodbyes. We will miss them but hope they stay in touch with the lab. Here are their goodbyes…..

I’m Morgan; you might remember me as Miss Morgan? I have been on the Lab_13 committee for almost a year now. I am really sad to be leaving Irchester School mainly because Wollaston doesn’t have a Lab_13, or a Miss Hogan. On the bright side, at least they have a lot of science blocks.

The thing I love the most about lab_13 this year is that the younger children can get involved in science more and to me that is important. Also, I like that I am in the committee with my friends.

Without Lab_13 I think I couldn’t cope – I’d have to be taught things instead of investigating and learning for myself in groups and that has given me a good push this year. I will definitely come back to Lab_13 every now and then after school on a Tuesday and see the new year 4 committee members in action (hopefully they’ll be good or I’ll have to give them some tips).

What things have I done this year in the lab? Well – attending committee club, having meetings and keeping minutes, writing blogs, managing resources, writing invitations, editing newsletters, hosting Chemistry at Work and Walking with Scientists, answering questions and presenting at the Jubilee Street Fair. They were all very hard work but definitely worth it!

Yours sincerely, Morgan

Hey hey! It’s Joe here and this is my leaving blog ! =(

I’ve been on the committee now since Christmas and I’ve done loads of exciting, interesting and also things  for the Lab! My favourite thing must be the Big Bang Fair at the NEC, where I watched Brainiac Science Abuse Live! and talked to big companies such as JCB and E-on for funding. When I spoke to JCB, the man in charge came back to our stall and said how impressed he was with me (which made me rather happy!) and that he was the Director of Excellence at JCB World Headquarters! (Which made me even happier!!!). There are also lots of other exciting things such as our Walking With Scientists where i met and gave the local MP, Peter Bone, a presentation of the Lab.

I am really sad to be leaving and being on the committee has been the best thing I’ve done in Primary School. I wish the best for the Lab and that the BRILLIANT Miss Hogan (Not to be confused with Mrs Hogan, her Grandma!) continues to help Irchester School students learn science for a long time!

Thank you for my wonderful time on the committee!


Hi it’s Ellie here!

I’m really going to miss Lab_13. It is definitely been the best thing that ever happened to me! I will miss Miss Hogan too. I never want to leave. =( Lab_13 has made science fun. But that’s not all I also learnt presenting, literacy and maths skills. I will visit as much as possible. I have enjoyed everything it would be impossible to choose a favourite although my favourites are and will be: *Big bang fair, *Scott barder trip, *selling the little Sherlock kits, *going to Silverstone racetrack, *getting to meet new people, * spending time with the committee

We have learnt life skills as well like, how to be entrepreneurs and presenting. I really liked making a product such as our Little Sherlock Kit and receiving feedback on how to improve our product to be able to go commercial. Lab_13 creates science for everyone young and old. Led by a child’s curiosity.


You’re sincerely,

Ellie Hatten

Hello to all my fans out there! Aiden here and I am saying my last “Hello” as I am sadly leaving. It is time to give others a chance to shine on the committee as I have for the last 2 months. Being promoted from Head Flab (Friend of the Lab) to my place on the committee was a big surprise and the best thing that happened to me all year!

I’m moving onto Year 7 in Wollaston Secondary School – but let’s not spoil the mood. I’m going to mention my five best bits from Lab_13.

5. The July Open Evening.  I extracted DNA from parents and children. Watching adults dribble into test tubes was really funny.

4. Committee Meetings. I like making the very important decisions about the lab and also having business meetings with MP Peter Bone and Mr. Alex Hopkins from the NCC.

3. Chemistry at Work. I met lots of new people that I hadn’t met before and we did lots of experiments seeing how they use chemistry in their work. Our presentation to all demonstrators went as expected (brilliantly) as Joe and Ellie stole the show. I was proud to be part of their team.

2. Walking with Scientists. I was honoured to be in charge of six Year 2 students who had to do three different experiments in front of many very important people to try and earn funding for next year.

1. The Big Bang Fair. When I went there, I took part in a Jaguar Car Race and watched the Braniac Live show in Birmingham. Seeing how exciting science and technology is and there were so many things to see and experiments to do, we didn’t have enough time. I want to go back for the week next year!

A lot in just two months isn’t it?

Bye bye for now!


P.S.  Thanks for being fans – it’s much appreciated!

About lab13network

Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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  1. Rick says:

    All of us in the Ignite! Office would like to thank the wonderful year 6 management team stars who are moving on. You are a brilliant bunch and we wish you all the best luck and success as you take your science on in to the future. Never forget to feed your curiosity with enthusiasm and imagination, and keep in touch. Thanks for all your energy and commitment RH

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