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Dovecote Lab13 Shop reopens…

We’ve mentioned in the past that we run a shop at Dovecote, selling things that we have made in the lab.  Things like our slime kits and candles. We used to run it after school on a Tuesday but we … Continue reading

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Egg Candling

On the 16th of April Lab_13 from Irchester School got their chicken eggs. Today, day 13 from start of incubation, we candled the eggs to see if there is a chick inside. We use a special torch and shine it … Continue reading

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What’s your greatest hope for the future?

In our recent collaboration with the Medical Research Council, Chloe and Brooke shared their hopes and fears for the future.

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News from Gillespie Lab_13

Summer Term 2013 Projects in Gillespie Lab_ 13 All classes at Gillespie School are jostling to work in our new Lab_13 this term! We also have two exciting projects in partnership with two of our local secondary schools to look … Continue reading

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Ask The Scientist: Lara’s Question

Originally posted on PlayDNA Limited:
(L-R) Morgan, Lara and Brooke, who set us three excellent and thought-provoking questions! It’s time for the third and final question in our ‘Ask The Scientist’ series – a selection of questions posed by the…

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Spring has sprung in Irchester!

Hi, This is Morgan and Kieran. Spring has finally sprung in Lab_13! As well as having some chicken eggs to hatch we have also been lucky enough to hatch tadpoles and spot newts! Mini Meadows Farm has been so generous … Continue reading

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Dads’ Club in Irchester

Hi, My name is Ellen and I have just started Dads Club with my dad! For AGES I have wanted to join on a Friday but I have always been busy and my dad wasn’t able to get home from … Continue reading

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New Lab_13 Committee in Irchester!

In Irchester, our Lab_13 committee is the most important thing about us. The committee are responsible for every decision to do with our lab and everything that goes on in there. We do the blog, resources, ordering, hiring and firing, … Continue reading

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