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Dads Club – Science of Cider

Dads Club on a Friday has been going from strength to strength in Irchester. The latest project has been all about the Science of Cider. As we had so many apples in our gardens at  the beginning of October we … Continue reading

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New Gillespie Lab_13 scientist appointed!

Congratulations to our new scientist, Carole Kenrick! The  Lab_13 Management Committee, together with Mark, Katrina and Shelley, have decided that Carole was the best of all six scientists interviewed. It had been a tough two days but we finally came … Continue reading

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Irchester Interviews

Last Friday we had an interview with a lady called Dr. Julie Webb who is a STEM ambassador, a scientist and also a science writer. She is writing a book about inspiring STEM club and wanted to ask us a … Continue reading

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The Magneto Electric Machine – Victorian Medicine

Look what Daniel brought into Lab_13 today! It is a Magneto-Electric Machine which was his great grandfathers. He was lucky to find it in his grandparents attic recently and has brought it to school to show everyone how it works. … Continue reading

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Science & ?? Week Revealed

In Irchester, we have now committed to doing a whole school “Science & something” week each half term. In the past we have had “Science & Writing” week, “Science and Maths” week etc. When we come back after Christmas break … Continue reading

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Fraxinus: the Facebook game where we crack the genetic code of ash dieback disease.

At the moment, between 90-99% of our 90million Ash trees in the UK will be wiped out by Ash dieback disease. Fraxinus is a puzzle which by solving combinations onscreen we can help scientists decode the genetic structures necessary to stop … Continue reading

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How do leaves fall off the trees?

Today, Year 2 wanted to find out the answer to “How do the leaves fall off the trees?” They already thought that the wind might blow them off but there is wind in summer too and the leaves stay on … Continue reading

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