New Management Committee Members at Irchester!

Just like Lab_13 Dovecote, it was time for the Irchester Lab_13 Committee to have new recruits too. Though we were very sad to see our old Year6 team go, we are very excited to have these new enthusiastic children on board to lead Lab_13! Please give them a warm welcome!

RosieHi! I am one of the newest members of the lab_13 committee. I am funny, kind and a little bit crazy! My name is Rosie and I will be working alongside the Year5s and the other new Year6s. I wanted to be on the committee because I love science. It is one of my favourite subjects and I wanted to take science a little further for me and for the school. One of my goals for being on the Lab_13 committee is getting everyone involved in science.

SeanHello, I’m Sean and I have finally got into the Lab_13 committee after trying 2 times before. YAAAAYYY! This means so much to me as I love the lab so much I will do anything to help. If anybody needs help teaching the little kids-I will teach. If anybody wants help sorting the resources-I will sort. I am the Technology link between the Digital Leaders and the Lab_13 committee. I know I will only be on the committee for 7 months but I will make the most of it. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!!

20140114_155436Hello! My name is Ellie I’d like say hi and introduce myself to you as I am your new Lab_13 committee member. I applied for this place because I wanted to show my personality.  I love being committed to jobs and I never get bored of doing a job as long as I know I am helping someone out. I think it is nice to help people. My partners in science are Rosie s, Sean N  and Nicholas B. I love science I think it’s good for girls to get more interested in Science so hopefully I will be an inspiration.

NicholasHi Lab_13 –lubbers, I am your new funny, amazing and awesome Lab _13 committee member Nicholas! I joined the committee for responsibility: to be relied on by Miss Hogan and all you fantastic guys ‘n’ gals! On only my SECOND try and I got on the committee, I will enjoy the near future as YOUR lab_13 member. Though I know I will never replace any old committee members I have what they don’t: I …am …NICHOLAS!!!!!!Now that I am Lab_13, I want to make a school where kids cheer (even louder)at the sound of teachers saying: science lessons !!!!

About lab13network

Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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One Response to New Management Committee Members at Irchester!

  1. Rick says:

    Well done all you Lab_13 lubbers (to borrow a phrase from Nicholas) – congratulations on your appointment to the Lab_13 committee.. and thanks a million for volunteering to take on these responsibilities. Lab_13 is a great idea (as we keep telling everyone) but it works because of the commitment and dedication of brilliant pupils like you – brilliant as in bright sparks – not necessarily brainy (though maybe you are brainy too)

    Rosie, I love your ambition for Lab_13
    Sean, I love your can-do attitude
    Nicholas, I love your enthusiasm
    Ellie – you are already an inspiration

    thanks folks and have fun in the next seven months

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