Gillespie news 5th February 2014

This week we are putting up letters saying “investigating in Lab_13” outside the lab door so that everybody knows that in this lab we investigate. We have fun and enjoy ourselves when we find out about science and how things work and how things are made. We got lots of people from different classes to create science artwork on the letters. Up to this point we’ve got a selection of drawings on different letters. One of the letters has been drawn on with planets, Saturn and stars. One of my favourites is the one that shows us some forces, and it’s got a magnet that can lift and blow rockets into the air. My last favourite one is the one with the snakes going around into an “S” shape. I adore these letters because when you look at them, it just makes you want to ask more questions and find out stuff.


Some of the letters that children across the school have decorated to put up on the Lab_13 board.

We’ve got a caterpillar pencil case and most of the children ask questions. We write them down on a sticky note or paper and put them into the caterpillar, and after that Carole looks inside the caterpillar, and reads them. She takes the children that asked the question into the lab to help them figure out the answer. We find out that they’ve figured out the answer either when Carole brings them to assembly so that they can share it with everybody, or she puts pictures up in the corridor so everybody can see what you have been doing and finding out.

Carole looking at the questions placed in the caterpillar, before putting them up on the question board.

Carole looking at the questions placed in the caterpillar, before putting them up on the question board.

Don’t forget! We will be screening Jurassic Park! Get tickets NOW!!!!! It will be shown on Feb Monday 10th 2014 from 6pm-8pm. We are fundraising for a WONDERFUL surprise!

Another innovation is ‘Scientist Birthdays!!’ We are all going to celebrate the birthdays of Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Rosalind Franklin, Emmy Noether and Charles Darwin +LAB_13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carole's scientist finger puppets - do you recognise any of them?

Carole’s scientist finger puppets – do you recognise any of them?

By Rayan and Alessandro
Published on 5th February 2014

About lab13network

Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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One Response to Gillespie news 5th February 2014

  1. Rick says:

    great article Rayan and Alessandro..
    on the scientists’ birthdays – don’t forget Ada Lovelace on 15 October..
    what do you mean, ‘who is Ada Lovelace?’
    look her up – she’s very important for women in science and the early pioneering days of computers – nearly 200 years before Facebook


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