Gillespie news 26th February 2014 – crystals and eggs!

Y3 Crystals

One sunny day in Gillespie’s Lab 13, everyone in year 3 found out the answer to Rosie, a year 3 pupil’s question “How do you make crystals?” First Rosie and her friend Elvie told the rest of the class how they made their crystals. When Rosie and Elvie did it together, they discovered that the best way, out of two methods, to grow crystals was the string tied to a pencil way. If you want to try making your own crystals at home here is one way to do it:

  1. Mix salt with hot water in a polystyrene cup.
  2. Tie a piece of string to a pencil
  3. Dip the string into the mix with food colouring (food colouring is optional)
  4. Wait 24h and soon your crystals will be complete.

After year 3 had learnt how to make crystals, Carole told them that they were going to compete in a competition against their class mates to see which team could grow the biggest crystals!Cowboy

The race was on, it was very competitive and everyone wanted to win! It was like a battle between cowboys in the Wild West!

All the teams did a great job but the team with the biggest crystals and the winning team was……………….. Drum roll……………………………………………………..


The terrific team members were…..

Crazy Koshin, Glorious Nimo, Elegant Elvie, Leaping Leo and Super Sean!!!!!

The winning crystal

Congratulations to all of year 3 and a BIG thank you to Carole for helping children answer their questions. I wonder what is going to be the next BIG thing going on in Lab 13?….. 

Eggs Arrive

Eggs in incubator

Today has been a lonely and dark day! Until something amazing happened: these beautiful eggs arrived! As soon as we saw the eggs we were jumping about because it was so delightful to see these eggs, which have living things in them.

The eggs will be hatched in about 3 weeks so we are VERY excited to see them and we are sure you are too, right? As soon as the eggs hatch we will spread the news to every single person in this school so we can’t wait!!!!!

Eggs and chicks

By Perdie, Cameron and Memo
Published on 26th February 2014

P.S. Remember we mentioned a big surprise? That was the eggs!

About lab13network

Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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