Quail Physiotherapy

At Irchester, Roxy gave some quail eggs to the lab to hatch. After just two weeks of incubating the first quail hatched. We now have 3 lovely little quail chicks. However, one of these chicks (the little stripy one) has spraddle leg. This means that his hips were dislocated when he hatched and both went flat out to the sides rather than being staright underneath hime and he is not able to stand or walk properly. Miss Hogan research how to treat spraddle leg and now we are all trained chick physios! The first thing we had to do was strapy the chicks legs together. He doesnt really lying on his back but it’s the easiest way to get the steristrip on. Then we have some physio exercise that we must do several times a day. The first one is putting him into a narrow glass with no room to lie down. We used a tubberware cup but stuffed the other side so that he can only stand. As the chick doesnt like being in the glass he pushes up with his legs straight underneath him to try and get out. This is a good way of strengthening the muscles that he needs to keep his legs straight underneath him when he stands. The second exercise teached him how to balance. He is used to balancing on his tummy and pulling himself along with his legs but we teach him how to walk correctly by putting his little body between two of our fingers and allowing him to walk forward without falling over. We are gently taking the weight of his body while he works on moving his legs forward. Our chick is improving but we have to keep a very close eye on him. Hopefully he will be able to walk properly in a few days.

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2 Responses to Quail Physiotherapy

  1. This is so clever and patient and thoughtful. Good luck to you and to spraddle chick. Cathy

  2. This is great! Hope you update soon.

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