Jeans for Genes Science Week in Irchester

j4GJeans for Genes week was a huge success! Your genes are like Lego pieces – they join together to make you. There are jeans that you wear and the other genes make you who you are and make up your DNA. Last Friday the teachers got to wear denim and donate £1 to the ‘Jeans for Genes’ charity.  ‘Jeans for Genes’ charity helps children with genetic disorders and gives them special equipment.


We thought that we would have a Jeans for Genes Science Week in school and that each child would come to Lab_13 to learn about genes, genetic disorders and DNA – even the little children in Year 1!

We learnt that our genes are instructions for us and that our DNA is the collection of all the instructions (genes). We made Gene Sticks where we collected all the genes that made us who we are.

Gene mutations can happen in all living things – plants, insects, animals.We changed what some of Dora’s genes code for and made Dora Mutants! Some were small chages and wouldn’t have made much of a difference to Dora like going from straight hair to curly hair but some genetic changes such as genes for extra eyes would have made life very hard.

Some children learned about the structure of DNA and how are genes are arranged in the right shape and order. They made models of DNA out of recyclable materials.

j4g2Older children extracted DNA from cheek cells. It was difficult as they had to break through several different cell membranes to release the DNA. To get the DNA or genes from the inside of the nucleus, first we must break the cell membrane and dissolve the nuclear membrane.

We think that the ‘Jeans for Genes’ charity is a great charity for children with genetic disorders because it will help their lifestyle and make their lives a little easier.

About lab13network

Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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