The Science Spectacular Review!


On the grand day of the science spectacular, Children from year 4, 5 and 6 created and shared brilliant presentations in the form of power points, models and more! IMG_8011 Super Solar System!

First, a girl in year 4, Rosie, and her friend, Elvie, shared a project they had been working on in STEM club: A model of our solar system that was connected to a makey-makey (a computer controlling kit) and played music by pressing the different planets. Instrument 1 It was amazing and very inventive. Well Done Rosie!

Shivering Shadows

Then, some girls from y4 told us that they went to Lab_13 and asked the questions: What are shadows made of? And where do they come from? And can we make some art? They investigated this then added designs to boxes in the shape of Lab_13. Well done, very creative. IMG_8055 Magnificent Meteors

Finally, some children from the Lab_13 Committee shared an investigation and a powerpoint about meteors and the damage they do to the surface of the Earth. They attempted to catapult malteasers into a tray of flour and cocoa powder. Unfortunately, it didn’t catapult very well! But afterwards we figured out the problem. Carole pointed out that that sometimes happens in science! Catapults

By Perdie and Arthur

OUR GLORIOUS GUESTS On 23rd November, the exciting day of the Science Spectacular, we had some golden guests that came to Gillespie to share some gobsmacking facts.

Madness with Marek

Our first guest was Marek Kukula who toured us through some of our unusual universe but deeply focused on our Solar System. Looking at what comets are made of, out of ice and rock .The great storms on Jupiter like where the Great Red Spot is and spots on the sun which are around 3000 degrees C. IMG_8097 Inspiring Islamic Science

Jim-Al Khalili shared some interesting Islamic discoveries to do with astronomy. The original idea was to walk for many days across the desert but Islamic scientists decided that they would walk to the top of a mountain. They were finding out whether the sun went round the world. So he shared some facts about the discovery with us. Jim If you came you would have been gaping at the amount of fantastic facts shared by our two guests.

Written by Xanthe and Alessandro


The epic Lab_13 committee, the U.C.L students and Dr Sella created yummy-in-your-tummy ice cream that was scrumptious. They made this by mixing chocolate chips, custard, frozen strawberry and raspberry, sugar and cream. Then they poured liquid nitrogen into the bowl. This jaw-breakingly freezing substance boils at -196c degrees, we were told not to get too close or touch this. We found out why: it was because it can give you frost bite if you touch it. This quickly froze the mixture into yummy ICE CREAM!!! DSCF3446DSCF3458 Everyone yelled with excitement and joy, it looked like smoke being poured into the mixture. We revealed the lab coats that Daniel and Hannah designed a logo for, we showed it around to everyone. Some people were proud, some were people were shocked, and as we can tell, everyone liked it! Hannah and Daniel each got to keep a lab coat as a prize. They felt delighted. IMG_8168

Written by Ruby, Arjen and Zarrin

Thank you so much to Jake Polonsky and Adam Tyler for taking the wonderful photos!

Here are some reaction shots:



About lab13network

Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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