Sport and Science Week

Two weeks ago was our sports and science week! The whole school took part in lots of different class activities.

Year six created several sports drinks to test on the unaware year five pupils. The drinks were actually all identical, but we told each group different things: one group that the drink would make them faster, the next group slower, and the last group was the control, we said their drink should make no difference.  The results showed: being told you will be slower increases your time slightly by 0.01 mins; being told you won’t change decreases your time; being told you will be faster increases your time by lots! So what you think has a big effect, not only physical things.

sports drinks

Year 4 have been doing their heart rate on different activities and comparing their speeds against athletes. Year 3 have been doing a memory game. Year 2 have been skipping every morning to see what effects exercise has on the body, and what effect practice has. Year 1 have been doing how the size of a ball affects bouncing and have been seeing if music affects throwing distance. Year R have been measuring jumps and seeing what happens when their heart beats faster. They did three tests to make it a fair test.

Year 5 did ruler reaction-time tests, if music affects your performance and if sport affects your memory. They tested this by doing a memory test, then either playing noughts and crosses or doing exercise before another memory test. Thirteen people were doing exercise and the other thirteen needed to play noughts and crosses. This is for the sake of seeing if tiredness affects your memory and if being relaxed helps your memory. First of all I got seventeen and then,what a coincidence, I got seventeen again. That means that I have an equal brain and each side works the same. Some got better and some got worse but overall it was even both ways.


Lab_13 was transformed into the Lab_Gym! We had all sorts of different gym equipment, and managed to let almost the whole school have a go on everything. We experimented with the springiness of the punch bag, had fun finding our own balance points on the wobble-ball, practised the safe  way to pick up weights, and of course had a go on the running and rowing machines!  Many were surprised that the biggest weights weren’t the heaviest; we figured out that it was because they were made of different materials- the big plastic weight was quite light, while the little metal one was very heavy!


About lab13network

Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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