Lab_13 Ghana: Titanic 2015 Boatastic Race

The competition of Boatastic Race was the first competition that Lab_13 Ghana has hosted. The competition was great, brilliant, fantastic and AMAZINGLY SUPERB!

The competition was all about building a boat that:

1. Can float on water.
2. Obey certain dimensions (length 40cm, height 15cm, width 20cm).
3. One entry per a school.
4. Must be able to carry 500 ml water.
5. Has the Lab_13 logo on it.
6. Has the school name on it.
7. Move a distance of 1 meter.


The boats on display

There were about 11 school participating in the competition. Each school brought their boat and the moment we, the student management committee (SMC) saw each boat from each school, we were amused. Some boats were made of wood, plastic rubbers, and papers (cardboard). The student captain of each school was called to give a brief presentation on how they made their boats.

Afterwards the boat was put on water for them to float. This competition was judged by the SMC. It was judged based on presentation, speed, appearance and the above rules. We the SMC were proud to be the judges of the competition. After displaying each boat from each school, the judges came to the conclusion of announcing the winner of the competition.

First the results for Ghana!

In third place came….

Stay Blessed Academy!

In second place came…

Benny Educational Complex

In first place came…

Solid Hope Basic!

The competition was also open to overseas entries…

In third place for the international entries was…

Kings Acre from Devon, England

In second place came…

Lab_13 Gillespie, London, England.

And in first place came…

Lab_13 Irchester, Nottingham, England.

The competition was between local and international schools. The first place boat from Ghana, and the first place boat from the international entries battled to become the ultimate winner!

Both winners were given trophies, one for being the ULTIMATE WINNER, and as the runner-up winner.

The runner-up winner was Lab_13 Irchester, Solid Hope Basic took the ULTIMATE WINNER title.

Solid Hope wins the first prize

Solid Hope wins the first prize

Medals were also given out to:

Best decorated, people choice, most creative went to Benny Educational Complex.

Best presentation went to Solid Hope Basic.

Fastest boat, at 6 seconds a meter, went to Stay Blessed!

About lab13network

Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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