Welly Wednesday and Cosmic Classroom at Irchester!


Cosmic Classroom!

Just before the Half-term holiday Year Four took part is something really exciting: the Cosmic Classroom! We joined hundreds of other schools in watching a LIVE video interview with Tim Peake up in SPACE with a scientist called Kevin Fong who was at the Liverpool World Museum with even more schoolchildren!

We did some experiments like squatting then standing, spinning round on the spot, and touching our toes. We could all predict what would happen, and we thought about which bits of our body were doing what. The exciting bit, was when we watched Tim do the same. Try and guess what went wrong when he did it in the Space Station! When he squatted, his body didn’t go down towards the ground, his feet came up and he was floating! Then when he tried to touch his toes, he started spinning over backwards!

Then we watched Tim do a live talk answering children’s questions, like what the view out of the window was, what eating food was like, and whether water really floated in balls. The children and the teachers all enjoyed doing it, though we were jealous of Tim’ amazing view of the Earth out of the window, and eating food when it all floats looks like so much fun! We watched amazed as Tim squeezed some water out of a waterbag, and in really did just float in a ball: he even played water ping pong with some special rackets! You can watch the whole interview with Tim here!



Welly Wednesday

In Lab_13 we have being doing various things with different year groups. Like Welly Wednesday with the foundation stage children. They all go to the wildlife area, even when it’s cold or rainy: they all wear their coats and waterproofs. One of the activities was making wands with sticks and practising their kinetic letters with them.  They dug for worms and other underground creatures to see what they could find, once they found lots of vegetables! They investigated a lot of trees to see if there were any insects, and use nets in the pond to see what they can find. Afterwards they have biscuits and hot chocolate. All the Foundation Stage children really enjoy Welly Wednesday, and the teachers do too!


About lab13network

Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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