One Year Anniversary Blog Post – Part II

Hello readers, it is my turn to tell you about the activity I conducted in the presence of everybody of Agape Academy. My name is Grace Donkor. It was my first time of standing in front of lots of people to talk. I made few mistakes, when I was talking, because I was nervous but I am confident that I will do a perfect job when my turn comes up again.

My activity was an experiment to demonstrate how light travels in a straight line. These were the materials…

Three rectangular cardboards, nail and a source of light (torch).

To begin the activity, holes with a diameter of about 5mm were created in all three cardboards with a nail. With assistance from the audience, two of the cardboards were placed about 15 cm apart. The third cardboard was added by adjusting its position between the two cardboards already placed 15 cm apart until all three cardboards were in position where light from a torch placed about 10 cm away from the first cardboard is able to be seen at the other end of the positioned cardboards. You can achieve this with the help of volunteers who will hold the cardboards in position.

It was observed that, the light was only seen through the holes when all three cardboards were in their rightful position. This shows that light has a property of travelling in a straight line. There were questions such as; how do a ray of light in a straight line change its direction? Also, how fast does light travel?

Thank you all for your time.

You can try it at home or in school too.

Activity Based Quiz and Saturday Club

During the interim phase, there were 2 Saturday Clubs and a Science Competition – Activity Based Quiz – which had 7 participants. The activity based quiz was the first of its kind even though it was the second science competition being organised by Lab_13 Ghana. The idea originated from the members of the Student Management Committee with the assistance of the Scientist-in-Residence.

The quiz was titled ‘Superbulous Fast Quiz’. The quiz had two stages – a knock-out round and the Final. It was held at Agape Academy. The schools that participated were Agape Academy, Destiny Experimental, Stay Blessed Academy, Penworth, Fame and Fortune, Benny Educational Complex and Christ Academy. On the Final, which was on the 27th November, 2015, qualifying schools from the knock-out stage were to make a demonstration and a presentation on how they would reduce the carbon gas that comes from cars.

It was an exciting and fulfilling experience being the judges (SMCs) of the quiz. We gave scores to participating schools under the following criteria: Demonstration, Presentation, Application, Creativity, Understanding and Explanation. It was an exercise we approached with honour and dignity, and came with lots of learning experience.

After the final, Agape Academy was crowned the winner of the quiz, and took home the medal for best demonstration also.

We will end by saying the ‘Superbulous Fast Quiz’ was very educative.

Another activity we will like to share that took place during the interim phase is one of the Saturday Clubs.

This was the first Saturday Club during the phase and it was under the topic Water Filters. We collaborated with Missouri Middle School in the USA. During this Saturday club, students were put into groups according to the schools they represented and were given material to build their own water filter system that was going to filter 200 ml of water containing dirt, colour and sand. Some of the materials they could use were filter papers, handkerchiefs, different types of sand, saw dust, gravels, alum, foam etc.

After the process of building, each of the filtrates collected from each water filter was tested. A testing system was adopted in which equal drops of an indicator prepared from hibiscus leaves, locally know as ‘sobolo’, were dropped into each filtrate and pure water. The group with the filtrate that gave a colour that closely matched that of the pure water was declared the winner. Benny Educational Complex was the winner with a very good water filter followed by Agape Academy. Other schools that participated were God’s Grace and St. Anthony’s International school.

The words we have to describe this Saturday Club are fun, fantastic and innovative.

Enocksticia and Rebecca

Members of the SMC.

About lab13network

Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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