Lab_13 Irchester’s 5th Birthday Party!

To celebrate Lab_13 Irchester turning a fantastic 5 years old, we had an amazing day; the Wonderful World of Science!  It was a Birthday party that lasted all day, and everyone in the school could come! We had three different zones for Chemistry, Biology and Physics, and all of year 4 and year 6, as well as the Committee helped run it. All the children in the school got to come round to see and do all the experiments, and parents were invited to come round in the afternoon. They all seemed very impressed!


The teachers loved being the ones to play for once!

First let’s talk about the Biology zone, here there was a competition to make a model wild life garden, with good habitats like a pond, flowers, long grass and trees. We gave away packs of wildflower seeds for people to plant and grow in their model gardens! One of the governors Mrs Bugby came it to dissect some hearts and eyeballs for us, lots of children got to hold them! Mr Blakie, one of the parents came in with loads of invertebrates (spiders and insects and other bugs) and showed them to all the children, telling us all about them. There was a giant stick insect, much much bigger than ours! Mrs Venn also came in with her pet snake called Jaffa.

In the Physics Zone, there were two competitions: one to see who could fire a straw rocket the furthest, and one to make the best CD spinner. There were lots of things that looked like magic tricks: waterproof cloth, floating magnets, super strong newspaper and flashing balls: but they could all be explained with Physics! At the end of each session, Miss Draper fired a giant version of our straw rockets, and we used one of the conducting balls to see if the electricity could go through everyone in the room to make the ball light up: and it worked!

Chemistry was the messy zone! We could make our own lava lamp out of water, oil and fizzy tablets, and make crystals out of sugar, salt, or something called Alum. There is a competition now to see who can grow the best crystal at home! Some Year Fours showed us a great trick where it looks like water is turning into wine: but actually the water and wine just swap places in the two glasses. The messiest experiment was the Cornflour Slime: if you put your hand in it slowly it feels like a slimy liquid, but if you hit it, the cornflour doesn’t splash; it goes really hard like a solid!


About lab13network

Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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