Chicks Update and Photos from Irchester

The chicks hatched on the 30th of June and the 1st of July. Of the 18 eggs we had, unfortunately 9 of them didn’t hatch, but nine did and are doing great, and very noisy! They always chirp to each to each other (except when they all fall asleep under their “electric chicken” heater). They are all different colours: 2 yellow ones, 3 black ones, 2 grey ones, a dark reddish-brown one and a ginger one. Some of them really like to be held and stroked, others prefer to run around! Most of the younger children have had a chance to come and hold the chicks, all the older ones will get a chance this week too.

We have done a few experiments on the chicks while they’re in the lab. One was to put wood shavings on only one side of the enclosure to see what side the chicks prefer.  The results are that at first the chicks stayed on the paper (probably because it was what they were used to) but then all moved to the wood shavings. This showed that they like the wood shavings more, so we have now covered the whole floor with them. The chicks have also started to scratch and dig through the shavings, looking for food.


Experimenting to see what colour the chicks prefer.


Science Club watching the chicks navigate (and destroy) their maze

We did another experiment to see what kind of shiny things they prefer, and what colour they like to stand on most. We also did an intelligence test by hiding food inside a plastic cup. They found the food pretty quickly, but then kept pecking the cup even when it was empty. We have also been weighing them every day to see how fast they are growing. Today on day 10, the heaviest one is double the weight of the lightest one!

In Science club, they made a maze to see if they could find their way to the food in the middle. Unfortunately our walls weren’t high enough, so the chick kept jumping over them!

The year 2’s came in to make some scientific diagrams and fact files about the chicks, and the Year 6’s came in with their Foundation stage buddies to look at the life cycle of a chick, and have a go at holding one. The chicks are even starting to use their wings to fly on top of their heater to get their reward: food!


Everyone resting after a tiring day with year 4 and 5

We candled the eggs that didn’t hatch to see what happened: most of them didn’t really have anything inside, so either the egg never started to grow into a chick, or it stopped growing and died very early. Unfortunately two eggs looked like they were almost ready to hatch, but must have died just before.

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Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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