Gillespie news: Planet Earth II & computer building

Super Science Video Club

Last Monday, in a dark room filled with people excited about watching Planet Earth II, there was anticipation filling the Y5 and Y6 children that came to Lab_13 at 12.55pm. We won’t tell you too much about Planet Earth II because it would spoil it and you could watch it yourself or you could watch it with your family on BBC iPlayer. Whilst we were watching it there was a sudden fright when there was a race between the marine iguana and the snakes. The narrator said that if the iguana didn’t make it to the rocks by the ocean in time it would get eaten. Everybody’s heart was pounding. I heard a gasp around the room when one of the marine iguanas was swallowed down by the snakes. Except one of the marine iguanas managed to escape quickly. After the two iguanas were safe everyone felt calm but it was sad that only two of the four survived. They are vulnerable after they hatch because their mother isn’t there.


Everyone with their eyes attached to the screen

We showed Planet Earth II episode 1 (the Islands episode) in our Super Science Video Club because it was really interesting and it was related to science as well. After we talked about it in assembly and showed everyone the trailer of Planet Earth II we told them that they could sign up but suddenly there were too many people! The names were all around the piece of paper. There were 27 children in total.


Island facts


  • Madagascar is the oldest and largest island
  • Some types of lemurs live in the forest part of the island which is like a desert because it hardly rains. They feed on baby leaves because they are the only source of water and food.Lemur hanging onto a tree eating leaves
  • Komodo dragons are mainly competitive around each other. The female komodo dragons come into heat one month a year. Only the most powerful male komodo dragons are allowed to mate and size does matter.

Computer company?

Eight Gillespie scientists and two adults created a computer with our trusty computer man, Lee. We learnt that if we touch a computer that is plugged in we are actually connected to the Earth. Making a computer made me feel quite impressed, proud of myself and happy. I’d never touched the inside of a computer before, or made a computer before or made anything like that. IMG_3316.JPG

Written by Choi Ying (Y6) and Reiss (Y5)

About lab13network

Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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