Irchester News: Chick Update and a Flying Car!

In the lab_13 blog we tell you about what happened during lab this week. We are going to tell you about a magic flying car and the adorable chicks.


Mrs Tyrrell took the fluffy chicks home for the weekend, and looked after them really carefully. Unfortunately the yellow heater broke, so Mrs Tyrrell was very resourceful and used 2 lamps and a heat mat to replace the heater while it was being repaired.

Unfortunately, one of the chicks passed away overnight when the heater broke. The chick was quite weak and very small, it couldn’t walk or eat properly. We think the reason it was so small, is that last week when the chick was hatching in the incubator we had a power cut. The incubator needs electricity so it wasn’t working, so the chick didn’t get the heat it needed. We have learnt that we were really lucky all 8 eggs hatched in the first place, and sometimes a chick is strong enough to hatch, but then not well enough to walk, eat and survive. All the other chicks are really healthy and strong, they’ve been given names by their sponsors and are starting to flap their growing wings to practice flying! (especially Bobby)



We had 2 visitors come in and explain about this strange flying car (it looks like the one from “Only fools and horses”!). Bobby and David  clearly explained really well how this terrific machine worked and answered our questions accurately. It works with a massive propeller and a wing parachute to make it fly. To steer it, he has to reach his hands out of the windows to pull on the ropes! It’s based on a machine called a paramotor flyer.

All the lab_13 members had a go at sitting in the car, including Miss Draper and Mr Allen. Amazingly, they have set a target to fly it across the English Channel. The reason they are doing this, is to get people to sponsor them, and all the money will go to our Project Playground!  This will really help us get our brand new adventure playground, as the old one has started to break.

All the children were astonished to find out about this fantastic car. Later on this week we will see it fly and hopefully it won’t crash. All the committee members are talking about building our own little mode of the flying car.

That’s all from blog this week, by Sophie and Ellie, Year 5


Yesterday lunchtime, everyone was busy playing, it was almost the end of lunch time. Suddenly we all heard a strange whirring buzzing sound, and looked up to see someone flying above us! He didn’t have his car with him, but Bobby swooped down low over the playing field and swung around above us, it was amazing!

flyer waving

Waving to the para motor flyer!

flyer staff behind ball

All the staff came out to watch too!

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Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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