Irchester’s Science Week Floating Garden Competition!



Coming up on this week’s Lab-13 blog: our Science Week extravaganza, a VIP guest, a great day for the committee & some lovely feedback!

Last Thursday, Mrs. Tyrell, Miss Draper & the committee went to Wollaston to host a competition. But no, this wasn’t just any competition; this was a competition that could save Bangladesh!

I know what you’re thinking: How can a competition save a country? Well, in Bangladesh flooding happens a lot more than any other country in the world! In our competition, we asked schools from our local area to build a floating garden that could help people to keep their crops alive, even if it floods. A charity called Practical Action is actually helping people build their own floating gardens in Bangladesh.

We’ve been planning the competition for ages, sending out invitations to other schools to join in, getting some year 4 teams from our school together, and inviting special guests. Last week the big day finally arrived, and we all went to Wollaston Secondary School where our friend from the Lectures, Mr Sheldrick had got everything organised.

Each school team arrived, and was shown to their table where they could set up their model and display how they made it. Once everyone was set, we in the committee gave a short talk about the competition: with some more background from our research on the causes, effects and solutions to the flooding in Bangladesh.

Our VIP guest was Bren, a Practical Action representative, who was our head judge! We were extremely lucky to get her to come in, and all of us in the committee really enjoyed working with her as assistant judges.

DSCN0134The winners were:

Years 3+4: Irchester- George, Lucy, Evalyn, Ben and Leo. They  won because we liked the design and the raft held 3100 GRAMS before is sank, more than any other!


Whitefriars entry 2


Years 5+6: Whitefriars Primary School- their design was amazing, as they had thought about lots of extra stuff, like vertical planting to make the most of the space, and rainwater collecting tanks to store clean water!

Special mention to the team from Higham Ferrers Junior School: they showed great teamwork and had a fantastic plan for a dome over the top of their garden to protect it, but hadn’t yet figured out how to make it from recycled materials!

Wollaston 3 (3)Years 7+8: Wollaston Secondary School team 3- Their design was simple, but they had thought about it really carefully, and it held the right amount of weight. We gave secondary schools an extra challenge, because they were only allowed to use natural materials, so they couldn’t use tape or glue to hold their models together!

Well done too all the other teams for entering! You are all Bangladesh superheroes!

We’ve had some lovely feedback from some of the schools, saying the Lab_13 committee are a credit to the school and that they had lots of fun entering. Good to hear, and we’re sure next years committee will do something just as amazing!

By Emily and Demi (year 5)

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Lab_13 is a space in a school managed by pupils for pupils to conduct their own research and experiments driven by their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and under the watchful supervision of a Scientist in Residence (not a teacher!!).
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