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Summer Term at Lab_13 Nethergate

Update from Scientist in Residence Betti Copperwood about what Lab_13 Nethergate has been investigating in the summer term: At Lab_13 Nethergate we have been exploring inclined planes and movement. We introduced inclined planes using cylinders and guttering from which the students … Continue reading

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Irchester lab_13 investigation: What do the woodlice want?

Recently Family_lab helped us catch woodlice and make a woodlouse home in a box. Last week Year 2 got to find out some more about them! Year 2 are learning about habitats, so in the lab they experimented to see … Continue reading

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Exciting Experiments for schools visiting lab_13 Irchester!

  Visitors from Whitefriars Primary, South End Infants and Risdene Academy came to Lab_13 last week to experiment about light, colours and how we see. They won a competition in their own schools:  about adaptation for KS2 and how rubbish … Continue reading

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Wildlife and plants at Irchester

When we came back to school from the Easter holiday, it was surprisingly warm and sunny: which meant we could go on the field! While on the field some exploring people in year 2 found some weird flowers, they were … Continue reading

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