Rigs and Rockets

We had a busy session at the lab today!

We started designing camera rigs for balloon mapping. This is a technique used all around the world to map environmental issues such as oil spills, fracking sites and green spaces in cities. With publiclab we are working to try and build rigs for carrying the cameras up into the sky better.

The key properties for the rig are…

  • Materials are readily available and cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Has something to stop the camera swaying

You can read more about our designs in our research note published on their website… https://publiclab.org/notes/molangmuir10/06-20-2019/designing-alternative-rigs-for-mapping?_=1561042999

We are going to be testing the rigs public lab have made already as well as coming up with our own ones! This research will feed into the international citizen science project and if it’s successful our designs could be used by balloon mappers all over the world!

In break-time, we took science busking into the playground to show other kids in the school some science tricks. We made alka seltzer rockets and performed the slinky trick.

Here is a write-up of the rockets we made from Kathleen…

We are going to start running science busking sessions in afternoon playtimes once a week because the kids enjoyed it so much!

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