Irchester Borrowed the Moon!

Last week, some moon rocks arrived into the school! These were real samples collected from the Moon by the Apollo Astronauts almost 50 years ago. They are still owned by NASA, who trusted us to look after them for a week! They also came with lots of different meteorites: space rocks! We borrowed them from the STFC, through their amazing “Borrow the Moon” scheme.

We had to go through an extra protective security check so we could be trusted with them because the meteorites are worth thousands of pounds. The lunar samples are actually priceless, so if we lose them or break them we can’t go back and gets some more moon rocks because it has been almost fifty years since anyone has been to the Moon. We are very lucky to have the moon rocks, and all know how important it is that we look after them. Miss Draper had to make sure nobody opened the case when she wasn’t in the room, even other staff members: so the case has 2 padlocks, and was kept in a locked cupboard!


Miss Draper came round all the classrooms, so everyone could look at all the moon rocks and meteorites. There was a tiny meteorite from Mars, a huge heavy iron meteorite, and some stone meteorites. There was also some Earth rock that is very similar to the moon, and some melted Earth rock and sand: which got melted by the impact of a meteorite! We tested if they were magnetic and only the meteorites were:  the Iron ones were very magnetic (the large campo cielo iron meteorite, and the Udei station iron meteorite) while the stone meteorites were a bit magnetic , so they must have had some iron in them.

The Moon rock was encased in a plastic disk to keep it safe: there were three different types of rock, and three different types of soil (smashed up rock).

It was really interesting to be able to see the different samples; amazing to touch a rock that had been in space; and an honour to hold a piece of the Moon and Mars!

If you want to Borrow the Moon, go to the STFC website to find out more and apply: Borrow the Moon

By Abbie and Aiden (yr 5)



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