Clubs at the Peele Lab_13 are on Monday – Thursday lunchtime and after school.

Monday lunchtime Silver CREST

Monday after school Year 8

Tuesday lunchtime Management meeting

Tuesday after school Year 7

Wednesday lunchtime Year 7

Wednesday after school Year 9 & 10

Thursday lunchtime Year 8

A range of students attend clubs; they come from all streamed teaching groups. The aim of clubs is to allow students time to follow their own science ideas; Lindsey always tries to do experiments that students have asked for.

Year 7 students get the chance to work towards their Bronze CREST award in clubs, Year 8 get more involved in the school (at the moment they’re redesigning the case that our Boa Constrictor lives in) or other longer term projects and Year 9 & 10 do all the wacky things the teachers can come up with (making potato cannons and doing their independent CREST award investigations).

I’ll post some pictures up here when I get a chance (Lindsey).

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