December 17th

Our Year 6 Committee Members remember some of their best bits from their time in Lab_13


This is my last blog. I have really enjoyed the experience of being in Lab_13. I’ve now got much more experienced writing skills. I have enjoyed everything about Lab_13 but my most favourite time was when we did the interviews for our scientist in residence and our new lab_13 committee. I enjoy looking through all of the of the application forms that everyone had submitted. We had nearly all of the year 6’s submit an application form. We had to choose 8 out of 42 application forms. Now we have a new committee and F.Labs ( Friends of Lab_13). I have done some amazing experiments like studying pH. We have also made a bubble in a bubble in a bubble. We had a coffee morning on Friday and did some science busking experiments. Read here for more details on that!

We have made great achievements like going on the radio and on the TV. We have been in the newspaper lots too. Our very last job was to make phone calls to lots of other business’s to ask them to attend a showcase event on the 10th of February and ask them if they will sponsor us. We need money to keep Miss Hogan otherwise we will have no scientist in residence. Our new Lab_13 group are very responsible. They can’t wait !!!!”


“The best experience I have had in Lab_13 was going to Leicester to meet other Lab_13s and presenting to a big crowd.  I enjoyed talking to the crowd and they were listening to us with concentration and took us seriously. As well as all the science the biggest thing I have learnt in Lab_13 is that being on the committee takes a lot of concentration and commitment. The thing I will miss the most is meeting different people, doing brilliant experiments and working with Miss Hogan.”


“All the lab_ 13 committee went to Leicester University we showed what our Lab was famous for – some of the best bits off our lab are like our question board. We are special because no other Lab had a question board. Also we have shown how dedicated we are because we are the only Lab_ 13 that put blogs on the website every week! Seeing people so interested in our work and following and talking to us through our blog and on twitter was one of many favourite things. Another of those special moments was when I did the interviews for the new committee members. I liked it because of the responsibility that we had to have to be able to choose them. Where would I be without the lab?!”

 Happy Christmas! Love Lab_13 Irchester!

One Response to December 17th

  1. Archie McDermott-paintin says:

    I whent to the lab_13 club & i think it was brilllll

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