December 9th

Lab_13 Action Group

Mrs. Alison, Mrs. Tyrrell and Miss Hogan had the first meeting of our Lab_13 Action group on Monday. They were joined by other people who have a big interest in Lab_13 and getting funding for next year. Lots of different ideas were discussed and now we are going to come up with a business plan and some more publicity. We really want to keep Lab_13 going after this year and hope we will find the funding for it!

Magic Show

We held a Science Magic Show in Lab_13 last Friday. It went down very well, and even though we didn’t have a very big audience, everyone who came said they enjoyed our show and were amazed by some of our tricks! Thanks for coming to our friends, family and teachers!

Our tricks included Nat with his Funny Phonebooks, Megan with her Ice On A String trick, Sophie with her Bossy Bubbles trick, Oliver with his Terrific Tube, Jasmine with her Dancing Egg trick, and Edwin with his Mystical Arm Thingy and Centrifugal Science. Ellen was a brilliant MC for our event! By charging entry we were able to raise some money for our lab!

Christmas Fair

The Friends of Irchester School organise a Christmas Fair every year. This year Megan and Miss Hogan took a stall and were selling some experiments kits and science books. Lots of children came to us especially to get the kits and have all promised to tell us about their results. The science books were popular amongst the older customers with many parents and grandparents buying them for themselves or children in secondary school! The fair was a great success and we were raised £135 for the Lab. Now we hope to raise more money when we have a stall at the Christmas Coffee Morning next week.

Elm Tree

Our committee celebrated National Tree Week too. The Woodland trust gave us a cutting from an Elm tree. We are actually taking part in a very important experiment. There is a big problem with Dutch Elm Disease in Britain at the moment but our cutting came from a disease free tree. We must keep the Trust updated with all the important data on our tree whenever they ask so that they can monitor the spread of disease. Mrs Doyle kept this Elm tree at her home for 2 years to make sure it was strong enough to put out in our field. We really enjoyed planting it!

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