July 8th

We have been very lucky in the last few weeks.

A reporter named Tom from BBC Northampton came to the school and wanted to interview us and find out what Lab13 was all about. He asked us questions about being on the committee and what kind of experiments we wanted to do. Then he interviewed Miss Hogan who spoke about how Ollie interviewed her for her job and how important finding sponsorship will be. We showed Tom our Wildlife Area and we hope he was very impressed. Our interview was on Monday mornings Breakfast show. We would like to invite him back the next time we have something on!

When Tom got back to his office he met one of the TV reporters, Jo Black, and told her about us. She thought it would be great to get us on TV! So, the following Monday Jo and a cameraman came to meet us. We demonstrated some of the things which we had been doing in the lab and spoke about what we wanted to do in the future.

We appeared on BBC LookEast that evening. Sophie said she wanted to blow up a teacher on TV and all the teachers were scared of her the next day!

Now we have been asked by the Evening Telegraph can they come and interview us at the school!

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