July 19th


This is Sian, one of the Year 6 committee members. This blog is the last blog that our Year 6 will be writing.

Izzy, Matt, Alec and I (Our year 6 committee members) are leaving next week, so new committee members will be recruited from Year 4. On Monday we went to the Year 4 classes and showed them a presentation on what being in the committee is all about.  The reaction was very positive, we handed out 30 application forms and now we will shortlist the applicants on Thursday before calling them for interview. The new committee will be announced at the end of the week.

This week was our school parents evening, so we opened our Lab_13 so people could see it and we did some experiments to show people what happens in Lab_13. The open evening was a great success, almost everyone who visited the school came to see us. It was busy from start to finish. I was demonstrating the effect of tea and some acids (coke, lemon juice etc) on eggs to model tooth erosion and some of the parents were very surprised! Izzy was doing the candle in a jar experiment which showed the fire triangle; Nat made a giant solar oven (very impressive) and Matt and Ollie demonstrated homemade lava lamps! We were very proud of our work and the lab.

In this blog, there will be a paragraph from each of the other Year 6 committee members about their time in Lab_13 and what has been going on while they were in the committee.

Alec – “My favourite moment in Lab_13 was the launch because all of our parents came and I love to show off. It was great fun conducting all of the experiments and the food was great. I am very proud of Lab_13 – it was great fun. Next year the Lab _13 committee should try to use the Bunsen burners more”.

Matt – “My favourite moments in Lab_13 were The Launch and the Open Evening. This is because I like showing everyone my work and showing everyone around. We are very lucky because some of the parents wished they’d had Lab_13 when they were at school here. My advice to anyone going into a management committee is “The key to success is to obey the rules”.  

Izzy – “My time in Lab_13 has been great! We have been on TV, radio, guest videos on websites and in the newspaper, also we had our launch day where experiments were taking place and I went on a hovercraft.

But my all time favourite moment was the visit to Crown Hill Lab_13. We saw what it was like in their Lab_13 before we had built ours so it was great inspiration. We had a great meeting with the people from Ignition* with some delicious food! It was our first time meeting Rick and Sai. Also one of the best parts has been bossing Jennifer about. Lab_13 is AWSOME!”

Thanks to everyone for helping us with our Lab_13 and we hope the next committee is as great as ours was! We will definitely be back to visit!

Sian Crooke Year 6

One Response to July 19th

  1. Rick says:

    Sian, Matt, Alec and Izzy you are an inspiration. Thank you so much for all that you have done to make Lab_13 Irchester such a phenomenal success. I wave my hat at you and wish you joy and success over the summer (enjoy the break) and at your new schools. Try to persuade your new school to start a Lab_13… eh? Ask them to let you come to the Lab_13 showcase event on Tuesday 13 September in Leicester.. in fact why not ask your new headteacher, or your new science teacher to come too so they can see how it works?
    anyway – good luck to you all – and thanks again for your energy, creativity and curiosity.

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