July 7th

Lots to do for next week. Our open evening is on the 13th July. The Open Evening is to showcase the school to new parents so we think it’s a great time to show off all our work at lab13.

Some of us have been coming in after school to clubs (V.I.P to Lab_13) to work on our experiments for the open evening! We have been thinking of different experiments and investigations to demonstrate at the open evening.

Matt & Olli are making some lava lamps with household chemicals. Megan & Sian are doing a test on what drinks are very bad for our teeth. Nat is making a huge solar oven; he really wants to make cheese on toast! Izzy & Sophie are demonstrating the fire triangle. We will have lots more on display like Nat’s Strongman Test!

This week we have a Weather Watch Lunchtime club on. This is where a group of year 3’s go to find out about measuring and predicting weather. They also look at the weather in different places all over the world. They are looking at weather in Brisbane, Ibiza, Athens, Edinburgh and of course Irchester! Maybe some of them will want to be weather forecasters when they grow up!

Jennifer went to Dovecote’s lab_13 to have a look around and see some experiments. Here is what she said “Seeing how Dovecote’s management committee worked together on their celebration event presentation was great. They were all very professional. They had a very cool demonstration where they showed what chemicals are used to make fireworks different colours and we had a pop quiz about Ice-cream too! But my favourite thing was seeing how they made musical instruments out of saws and glass bars – very impressive! I had a great time and can’t wait until they can come visit us!”

Jennifer has been taking children out of lessons to investigate their own questions. We’ve had Raja investigating ‘Why is grass green?’ this is what he said about it: ‘it was really interesting and I learnt a new word – photosynthesis!’ Dominic looked at “Why are sunsets red?” and said “If you are planning a romantic date at sunset the best time is just after a volcanic ash storm!” There were lots more like “What makes diamonds sparkle?” where Jordan and Izzy learnt all about refractive indices!

By Megan (Yr 5) & Sian (Yr 6)

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