The Launch!

On Friday 27th May we had our Lab_13 launch. We were all very excited. Eventually the day came. We were all very nervous. Sadly, Oliver couldn’t make the open day because he was ill.

There were lots of important guests at the Lab_13_ launch, our families, people from other schools, people from local scientific businesses and from really cool Science companies like Ignite, Classroom Medics, and Thinktank. Rick from Ignite told everyone about how important Lab_13 is. Also we had a special guest, Toxic Tom from Mad Science! Toxic Tom showed us lots of cool and fun experiments. One was where Megan had to stand up and get BABS (The Big Air Blower) to blow a strong wind in her face. Also Izzy had to sit on a hovercraft and got to float around (later on we all got a go!).

But the best demonstrations by far were ours. Megan and Sian did an experiment where we were seeing what things where acidic. We used a natural PH indicator using red cabbage juice. We tested lots of samples. One of them was lemon Juice. It turned out to be very acidic. The next experiment was Sophie and Alec’s. They got a balloon to blow its self up. The last experiment was Izzy, Nat and Matt who did a Crime Scene Investigation. Everybody loved it!

After wards we had a buffet lunch and got to chat with all the guests! We showed everyone our scrapbook and all the progress we have made so far.

Now that the launch is over we are really looking forward to doing more fun experiments.

Thanks for coming to all of our guests.

By Megan Brown and Nat Pearce Yr5

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