June 20th

This week was a very busy one for Lab_13. Year 5s got to come into the lab and have three sessions investigating some topics of their own choice. They looked at Rockets, Volcanoes, Plant Science and Buoyancy.

One of the groups did an experiment which was called the Rubber Egg experiment; their aim was to make a raw egg bounce. After 5 days they tested the egg and it bounced from just under a 25 cm drop. Higher than that – SPLAT! The BBC show “Bang goes the Theory” has also done the same experiment. We shared our results on Twitter and they said that they were very impressed because we had a great result!!

Last year, the Lab_13 management committee from Crown Hills secondary school went to Italy for a science fair with their scientist Tom. They met pupils from an Italian school who were very interested in science. Because the school was also a primary school and closer to us in age, we sent an email to the Italian school saying that we would like talk with them about Lab_13 and science, to share our ideas, experiences and maybe have Skype dates with them. We are really looking forward to hearing back from them.

One Response to June 20th

  1. Hi Lab_13ers! Your rubber egg experiment sounds fantastic. What did you have to do to the egg to make it so bouncy? I don’t think I’d like one like that for breakfast…

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