June 24th

This week has been great!

We first had an assembly about asking good science questions, for example “Why the sky is blue?” etc. We want to find the answers to the questions WE ask! Mrs Alison shared a great Einstein quote with us

“Have you asked a good question today?”

Morgan (one of our fellow classmates) gave a presentation and told the story of his question. He wanted to know “HOW does water travel from the roots to the top of the plant?” He designed a great experiment to find out and had a brilliant conclusion, and now has more questions about it! Thanks for your brilliant question Morgan.

We now have two ‘Investigation Boards”; one in KS1 and one in KS2. Pupils can add their questions whenever they want. We’ve come up with some outstanding questions! Everybody will get to come to Lab_13 and find out the answer.

Yesterday we had a surprise visit from a radio journalist called Tom. He interviewed us and we showed him all our work.  And now, on the 27th of June the Lab 13 committee will be going on BBC Look East!! We are all very excited and nervous!

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