May 27th

The Lab Management Committee were very busy this week getting ready for our big launch and practicing their demonstrations. You’ll hear all about it next week!

So… A guest blog this week from two year6 students who developed their own experiments to showcase science to Years 1-5 for Science Week at Irchester 2011. They also showed these to the guests of our launch and all the parents who came to see the lab after the Science Gold Award Prize-giving!

Emily Alderson Year 6

“I decided to do a human circuit that I designed myself. I got a number of students visiting to hold hands whilst the two end people held on to a wire connected to a buzzer. You could hear a buzzing noise coming from the buzzer when every ones hands were connected. But when someone let go of another person’s hand, the buzzing noise stopped. So what happened was; electricity needs to travel through flesh and fluid to make a full circuit. If you touch someone’s clothing, it won’t buzz because there is no flesh or fluid to travel through. We made a Human Switch!”

Laura Henson Year 6

“I did an experiment on snail eating habits; I put some snails in 5 tubs with three different types of leafs in them spiky leafs, red leafs and some normal green leafs. I found that they won’t eat the red ones because they have a chemical (anthocyanins) in them that protects them from the sun but also doesn’t taste nice. So they won’t eat the spiky ones or the red ones just the normal green ones.  And that’s how plants can protect themselves from being eaten!”

2 Responses to May 27th

  1. Really great experiments girls! I saw them both today and was really impressed. I want to know how many people could you connect together in the human circuit? Is there a maximum?

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Rick says:

    Great experiments and it was excellent to see them ‘live’ at opening today. Laura do you think shredded red leaves could be used as a snail repellant? (sell bags of the stuff?)

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