November 22nd

We run lots of clubs during lunchtime or afterschool for people who adore science and want to learn and have fun in Lab_13. Brooke in Year 5 says that out of ten she gives her club on Wednesday 10/10! This week they formed Construction Companies and had to buy supplies to make bridges. Look how nervous Brooke is when her company AJB Builders Ltd is being put to the test!

Ellie in year 6 says “The clubs are brilliant because you get to do lots of fun experiments and you get to learn new stuff!”

The Lunchtime Labs are stupendous! They did a Crime Scene Investigation this week and looked at fingerprints, bloodsplatter and chromatography. They said it was messy but fun.

This week was Children in Need so we had lots of children in pyjamas in the lab which was very funny.

 In this picture is Edwin and Onic- they were investigation Edwin’s question ‘Why do icebergs float on top of water?”

They worked out that salt water is more dense than fresh water and ice so sinks to the bottom faster.

In this picture you can see some of the work Year 4 has been doing. They answered their question “Why are butterflies symmetrical?” and then made some very colourful 3d butterflies. Can you see all the faces?

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