November 10th

After last week’s G&T sessions, it’s back to answering questions at Irchester!

So far this week we have answered lots including

  • How is water clear? – Year 3
  • What’s inside a light bulb? – Year 3 & 4
  • Why do clocks tick? – Year 5

Now we are going to talk about a boy called Mpemba. Did you know about the Mpemba effect? If you don’t you will by the end of this blog.

Mpemba lives in Tanzania. When he was 13 in school he was learning how to make Ice cream, when he observed that the hot liquid froze significantly faster than the room temperature liquid. When he showed his physics teacher this effect, the teacher refused to believe it was true. Instead, he called it not real physics, but “Mpemba’s physics.” But he proved him wrong! That is what is called the Mpemba effect

Mpemba is very inspiring because he asked questions about the world around him. He noticed and observed things and always questioned things he did not understand and we think this makes a great scientist. Maybe one day there will be an Ollie Effect?

Year 5 Lunchtime Lab is studying the Mpemba effect this week.


Mrs Tyrrell, our science coordinator in Irchester, was shortlisted for the Primary Science Teacher of the Year Award. The judges are coming to meet her in November. Mrs Tyrrell is the whole driving force behind Lab_13 and we got Lab 13 all because of Mrs Tyrrell’s hard work and dedication to it. We are really proud of her and we can’t wait to meet the judges and show her off!

One Response to November 10th

  1. Rick says:

    Good luck to Mrs Tyrrell – show the judges some of your experiments too; that will help the judges see how she has inspired you…
    and I’ll let Hasmita know about Mpemba… Hasmita is our intern and she is in Tanzania at the moment…
    Do you want her to find out anything else while she is there? Any science about Africa that you want to know?

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