November 4th

This week Lab_13 Irchester hosted the first Nene Lakes Gifted and Talented Masterclass at Lab_13.

 There are ten schools in the Nene Lakes Cluster and we think that it’s nice to share our Lab_13 with these students too. Each day this week 8 different children from all 10 schools in the cluster took part.

Callum and Ellie from Year 6 say “We took part in the G&T Science Masterclass on Thursday. We were joined by G&T pupils from Bozeat and Great Doddington primary schools. We learned about adaptations, the 7billion people population crisis, GM foods and animals, extracted DNA from a strawberry and designed our own Superbody of the Future! We chose either a pro-dancer, Olympic swimmer, busy mum and dad or a fire-fighter.”

Callum says “I designed a superbody for a pro dancer. My favourite change that I made was adding more bones and joints to the dancer for extra flexibility”.

Ellie says “I worked on a superbody for an Olympic Swimmer. My best design was making a gel that stopped hair growing so there was no need for a swimming cap. I loved looking at the strawberry DNA finished product when we swirled it around in the test tube

On Tuesday children from Little Harrowden Junior School wrote this blog about their day at Lab_13. It’s great to have such positive feedback!

On Tuesday the 1st of November Keegan, Demi, Calvin, Millicent and Jonathan went to Irchester Primary School to visit Lab _13. Our ‘teacher’ for the day was called Jennifer and before she was a Lab_13 teacher she was a scientist who took D.N.A from wheat to help it from the diseases that damaged it. We worked with three children from Wilby CE Primary School who were really friendly and…….”read more

We asked some of our visitors about how their time here has changed how they see science.

Jace said “I’d give today a 10/10 because it was interesting, a lot more fun than normal science and there was loads to learn!”

Ella wrote “After today, I think I might consider being a scientist as now I see it’s very fun and someone like me can find the cure for cancer. I’d love to do that!”

Sam wrote “It’s made me think that I might be a scientist one day because I’ve seen deeper into real science and how it’s used today”.

Courtney said “I think every school should have a lab like this!”

One of the headteachers of a cluster school said that the children in her school hate science. We hope that the students who spent time at Lab_13 will go back enthusiastic about science and help the other people in their school want to learn more!

Our  Superbodies of the Future will be available here soon!

Oliver has chosen the winners of the science joke competition – you can see them here.

Thank you for reading our blog!

One Response to November 4th

  1. Miss Foo says:

    It is great to hear about all your scientific ideas. We look forward to visiting Lab 13 again!

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