October 5th

This week, the Year 5 members of the management committee got their Lab_13 hoodies! They were so excited!

We are trying to raise money to pay for the hoodies because we want to be very careful what we spend our Lab_13 budget on. So, Megan came up with the Conker Challenge. You may have heard us on twitter talking about it already. Its 10p an entry and the 5 heaviest conkers win. The competition is open until Friday so there will be lots of queses at breaktime to enter all week.  We have already got £5 but that is only enough for half a hoody.


To raise more money we are going to have a Science Magic Show for Mums and Dads afterschool. We have to come up with some ideas for what magic tricks we are going to do. They are paying for tickets so the science tricks have to be good! Have you ever seen some really good science tricks?

Jasmine, Megan and Miss Hogan did a newsletter about all the things we have done since we started back at school.  We are sending it to the lovely people that came to our school during Lab_13 Jobs in Science Week.

Miss Hogan went to the official launch of Lab_13 at Elizabeth Woodville School in Milton Keynes on Tuesday. She had a great day and loved all the science that she saw especially the Year 6 boys beating the Year 10 boys at the Spaghetti Tower Challenge! We want to wish all of the new Lab_13 committee lots of luck and hope they enjoy their time in Lab_13 as much as we do!


Sophie Yr6 & Edwin Yr5

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