October 18th

Last week, our scientist in residence Jennifer had her first visit to see the new Foundation stage children. They were doing lots of measuring and using units.  The children were very excited and can’t wait to do more. Next time they will come to Lab_13 and do their investigations there!

There is an online competition run by Big-Chat called the Friday Phenomenon where questions are asked and different people enter their answer for a certain audience.  This week, Kennedy from Yr6 entered her answer to the question ‘what are black holes?’ which was aimed at a 10yr old…. and she got picked as the winner!!!! Then, we got to ask a question so George A. Yr3 asked ‘Why is fire red?’. Guess who’s answer George chose as the best? It was David Bebb, the scientist in residence from Bowbridge Lab_13 but George didn’t know that.  Just goes to show that Lab_13’s know all the answers!

On Tuesday there was an open evening for future foundation students. Lots of parents and small children came to see our Lab_13 and were amazed. When we explained what we did and how Lab_13 worked a lot of them said that we were just like Nina and the Neurons on CBeebies! We’re quite pleased with that


We have a new club called Science Writers. Their job is to review different science books and other books which have little bits of STEM and science in the news. We will be featured on our own blog and scientifickitty.com!

We had a very inquisitive scientist during the week – Sam M from Yr2. He found an interesting creature on his way out of school so he came to the lab as soon as he could to find out what it was.

He learnt that it was a ladybird larvae. He thought it was a very strange time of year for this to be around. When he spoke to his Mum she said that there were also lots of caterpillars in their garden. So, he researched it and found this…

Sam says “I think that nature is very confused and ladybirds and butterflies think it is June again because it was so hot last week”.

If you haven’t seen it yet check out Ollies Science Joke Sessions – he is collecting funny jokes and showing off some science comedy! Why don’t you leave us your favourite sciencey joke? we already have some great ones.

By Megan B and Tommy R

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