October 21st

This week we went to Chemistry at Work REAL SCIENCE Event for part of Milton Keynes Science Festival.

All of the school’s Year 6 House Captains got to go. Sophie and I were very lucky that we got to go! The whole day was really fun and we never realised how many different jobs use chemistry! Most of us piled into the minivan and some of us went in a car with Mrs. Alison.

When we arrived at Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre, we had a welcome meeting with Mr Derek Jones the organiser and met the other schools taking part. There were loads of demonstrations and we had 8 to see. The first was “Science in Art”. We were shown a sheet of paper which had images and the image changed depending on what colour filter we used. It was really cool and we were told that they use this in the museum to see if a painting has another painting underneath.

The next session, and Ollie’s favourite, was “Fight or Flight”. This was about how our bodies deal with stress and we learned that there are 37 different chemical changes occur in your body when we have to respond to something like a tiger running towards you. These reactions start in the hypothalamus in the brain. If you draw a line from the end of our fingers, where they meet, the hypothalamus is here.

The sessions on Solar Cells and Fire Chemistry came next which were very exciting; especially the fire ball with the Bucks Fire & Rescue Service.

Every year 5,000 people are injured and 50 killed when trying to stop fires by using water. They advised us to get out, stay out and call for help if there is a fire at home.

The honey bee session was first-class! We were all looking for the queen bee in the hive but we couldn’t find her. Poppy, Olivia and Catherine did a taste test on different types of honey and the one which Poppy preferred the most was made from Aphid Poo!! We learnt about the Varroa mite and how it is destroying baby bees. We also saw how monks used beeswax to tell the time – a candle with markings on it.

Something very exciting that we saw was Bruce the 1.2 tonne Clydesdale horse! He is used to pull logs out of forests and he is also a Champion show horse. It takes 4 and 1/2 hours to get ready and he has won 90 rosettes! We learnt all about vet medicine. Horses can get eczema just like us and are treated with witch-hazel. Horses can’t throw up so when they are sick they have to drink nettle soup.

Seeing how the police use chemistry was Sophie’s favourite bit. PC Peter told us all about DNA profiling and fingerprint collection. They keep their DNA profiles on computer and once, thanks to fingerprint technology, they found a burglar 15 years after the burglary! He was only 9 at the time so they let him off!

It was a fantastic day, thank you to all the people who did the demonstrations it was really good fun and we learnt loads about chemistry.

This week’s blog was brought to you by Sophie and Ollie

2 Responses to October 21st

  1. Derek Jones says:

    Dear Sophie and Ollie,
    Thank you for your comments. I will ensure the demonstrators see them.
    It takes me many weeks to organise these events so it is really nice to hear how much you enjoyed your day and learned from it.
    Derek Jones
    Event Organiser.

  2. lab13network says:

    Thanks for reading our blog Derek, we really enjoyed our day.


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