September 8th

Welcome back to a new term here at Lab_13 Irchester!

A huge welcome to our new committee members who have just started. New Year 5’s had to fill in an application form all about science, what they would be like on the committee and their new ideas. Finally the committee members who were leaving interviewed a shortlist and then chose the final four. It was tough decision but finally we chose Tommy, Edwin, Jasmine and Ellen.

Over the holidays Lab_13 hosted our very first Science Summer Camps. There was one camp for key stage 1 and one for key stage 2. They did some very cool things like making slime, modelling habitat destruction and extracting DNA from fruit! It was a huge success and we earned some money for our Lab! Everyone who took part earned 15 credits to put on their Children’s University Passports!

Next week is the big Ignition event and Lab_13 Showcase. We are all very excited to meet the other committees and show off all we have done in Lab_13.

During the summer Megan used Nat’s solar oven design to melt chocolate to pour over her ice cream and Tommy continued to fix up Lab_14. It will be completed very soon!

Megan Year 6 and Tommy Year5

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