September 16th

 On September 13th Mrs. Alison, Jennifer, the current Management Committee and Izzy, Matt & Sian from last year’s committee went to Leicester University for a Lab_13 celebration. The journey in the minibus was long (took 1hr 15) but we were allowed to take our DS’s.

Once we got there, it took us 15 mins to set up. We took boards with all our work on, laptops to show some videos and some of the equipment that we use in the lab.  It was very important to show all the hard work and creative things we have done in Lab_13. We need people to sponsor use otherwise we won’t have our lab next year. People put their questions on our question board and now we have to find out the questions and email them the answer!

Nat and the others did some welding and made a cool shapes.

The committees from the other five Lab_13s came from all over the East Midlands. We met Brandon and Kyle from the Bowbridge Committee.

We had to do a presentation in front of all the other business people and we did a great job.   Our presentation was all about who we are, what we do in the lab and how far we’ve come in only 9 school weeks since the launch! We had a great day and were exhausted!

ext week is Jobs in Science Week at Irchester! We have about 20 professionals coming in to tell us about their jobs and what they do. We are all looking forward to it.

Also this week, Foundation students came to see the lab for the very first time. They said they are looking forward to doing some experiments.

 Nat & Sophie Year 6

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