September 21st

This week at Irchester is ‘Jobs in Science’ week. Already this week, we have had in lots of different people in to talk to us about their job and how science is important in it. So far everyone has said you need to “Work Hard”!

In Year 6 they had in a surgeon, a renewable energy expert and a polymer chemist. Hannah said “Looking at real life bones (X-Rays) with the surgeon was the most interesting”.

In Year 5 they had a Robots programming expert who allowed the children to programme dancing robots and a McDonalds food scientist who talked about calories and nutrition. Charlotte W said “Learning how to control robots was cool”

In Year 4 they have had Jake’s dad who is a baker showing how microbes (yeast) make bread and cakes rise and a biochemistry expert who made cell cookies! Daniel said “Quite interesting stuff, Might go for a job in science”.

In Year 3 they had a car designer who showed them how smart cars are made and brought some cool things for them to see and touch. Charlotte B said “I couldn’t believe that robots make the cars – was so cool”.

After Year 2’s session in the lab they were able to name 32 different jobs in science!

We are looking forward to even more cool stuff this week!

Now that’s all from this week’s Lab_13 Blog.

Signing off is                       

Oliver W., Jasmine W., & Megan B.

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