April 20th

It was so hard to choose out of all the amazing contestants but we had to come to a decision. We now have three new committee members and one re-election! We are very pleased to welcome Jessica, Chloe and Francesca to the management committee and welcome back Lewis.

They are completing their first jobs this week but are being guided by a more senior committee member.

The old members were so upset to be forced into retirement but they are cheering up as the days go by and now have more time to concentrate on the questions they want answered in Lab_13 like Edwin’s “What is dark plasma?” and Ellen’s “How do we get dizzy?”. They said they will treasure their lab_13 hoodies forever.

Jess says “I am looking forward to the challenge of raising money to keep Lab_13”

Fran says “I am ready for the responsibilty of being on the Lab_13 management committee”

Chloe says “I can’t wait to meet and network with business people, experiment and have fun in Lab_13”

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