April 25th

Regular followers of the Lab_13 blog will be aware that we have rather new Year 5 committee members and we need to raise money for their awesome Lab_13 hoodies. We are doing this by having a “Name the Tadpole” competition which we will start on Wednesday the 25th  of April.

The rules of this competition are, you need to pay 20p to name one Tadpole but you can enter as many times as you like. There are approximately 100 different names beginning with the letter T that you can choose from. Only one person can choose the same name so if someone chooses one first like ‘Thunder’ no one else can choose that name. One name was chosen at random by the committee last night in secret. Whoever guesses the right name will get a mystery prize!!! It is approved by the Lab_13 committee members.


Peter Bone, M P, sent us reply letters with our names on. He gave reply’s to  Ellen  Brown, Joe Norris ,Millie Howell, Lewis Mitchell, Ellie Hatton, Edwin Cheng, Jasmine Weir and Miss Morgan Williams!!! Morgan was furious with the mix-up!

Chloe was in the lab investigating dark plasma when a visiting headteacher came to see what we were doing. He said “This is the best science I’ve ever seen in a primary before!”. We were very proud with the praise.

We had another visitor this week. Mandy from Community Matters, Waitrose came to teach the Year 5 and 6 about Greek foods and tasting tests. She was eager to see Lab_13 so we brought her in during a question session. She thought it was great and nominated us for a Community Matters Cause and if we get enough tokens we will get £1000! So we want people to start saving their tokens up now to give to us! We might even be Mad Scientist BagPackers!

That’s all for today from Chloe and Miss Morgan!!

6 Responses to April 25th

  1. Mr Lett says:

    How brilliant to hear the praise from the visiting Headteacher! I hope you are all very proud. I will bring my 20p. I think the tadpole is Tamzin!

  2. Mrs Alison says:

    When the Head Teacher said that I was so proud too!
    I would like to select the name Titanic. I’ve left 20p in the office.

  3. Rick says:

    can I make an entry please folks?
    I’ll offer this as an IOU for 20p – signed Rick (that’s Honest Rick)

    and my Tadpole Name is…..


  4. Joe says:

    Sorry Rick, that’s not on the list. Most of the names are already gone anyway!
    Irchester Lab_13 Committee member.

  5. kdoyle1 says:

    Hi everyone, so glad to see you are still impressing all those visitors who visit the lab. ( were you wearing a lab coat Morgan when Mr Bone visited – that’s probably why he mistook you for a girl or was it your high pitched voice!!! LOL! )You are all so keen and enthusiastic it really shows when you are speaking to people.Please could you send me a list of the names still available to name the tadpole and I will enter. Thank you. Mrs Doyle 🙂

  6. Sara Friend says:

    This week’s blog made me giggle 🙂

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