February 1st

‘Little Sherlock’ Science day at I.C.P.S’ Lab_13!

On Monday and Tuesday this week, Year 2 students from our school and Earls Barton Infant School came to Lab_13 for ‘Little Sherlock’ science day!

Fluffy, Miss Hogan’s pet rabbit, was stolen from our school’s wildlife area! Luckily, just at the right time the Little Sherlocks turned up to help solve the case of the missing bunny. It was such a mystery that even the Northants. Evening Telegraph turned up!

First, they learned about some techniques that real detectives use when solving crimes and tracing suspects. Then, they investigated the crime scene and scavenged for evidence. The crimes scene included Fluffy’s box and the rest of the wildlife area and they found some very interesting clues. All of the evidence had to be put in evidence bags for safe keeping. There were a few strands of hair and some coloured fibres almost like a scarf or headband. Also, they found a chocolate bar wrapper and a crisp wrapper. But the biggest clue of all that they found was and a note left at the scene.

Judging on the evidence and learning that Year 6’s were the last people playing on the field before Fluffy went missing, they gained some suspects: Lauren, Amber, Sophie and Poppy from Yr 6 who were last seen leaving the wildlife area. They were interrogated by our Little Sherlocks to reveal the stealer. So the suspects wouldn’t be suspicious, the Little Sherlocks pretended to be the new lunch snack committee asking the suspects about their favourite chocolate and crisps to match up to the evidence. They also found out that Amber was allergic to rabbit fur!

After the interrogation they performed analysis in the lab including: Chromatography, Handwriting analysis, Fingerprinting, Microscopy, Secret code work and Footprints. Eventually, after a long hard day, they discovered the culprit was… Poppy!

At the end of the day, the children invited their parents into Lab_13 to show off all the work they had done. Their parents were very impressed and happy that their children solved the mystery!

Reported by Joe and Ellen

Irchester Management Committee

Page 3 of the Northants ET on 3/2/12

2 Responses to February 1st

  1. Amy says:

    Fantastic! well done Irchester! Sounds like you have some great detectives, and even made it into the newspaper! Great news!

  2. Poppy McEwan says:

    LOL, i was the person who stole it!!!!!!!!!!

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