February 29th

Hi! Welcome to our latest blog! It is Joe and Lewis writing this week.

On Monday 27.2.12, Professor Garner from the University Of Northampton visited  Lab_13 in Irchester to find out about it. He is a Professor in Education and came to see how we are using a very innovative way of learning science. Mrs Alison greeted him and let us discuss with him about the Lab. Joe and Ellie presented the ‘Introduction to Lab_13’ Prezi from the “Walking with Scientists” open day. He was very impressed about what we had done in Lab_13 and we had a great discussion about science fiction and H.G. Wells.

On the 17th of March we are going to the Big Bang Fair in the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) as exhibitioners for Lab_13! It’s very exciting but we have lots of work to do first. We have been tasked with putting a FULL science kit in a kitchen towel sized tube. Do you think you could do it? We have some great ideas already but if you have ideas to go in the tube, feel free to tell lab_13 your idea!

Right now, in our after school committee club, we are brainstorming about the tube. There are lots of excitement and bright ideas. Ellie has been experimenting with her 3D glasses experiment, and the other committee members of Lab_13 are researching about the tube idea. While we are making our prototypes, it is giving us lots of excellent ideas for the question board! We always think of more questions when we are working hard on something!

4 Responses to February 29th

  1. Rick says:

    brilliant blog – great news folks.. and just to add that HG Wells is one of my all time fave writers. He was fascinated by the future as you can see in lots of his short stories, including War of the Worlds, and the Time Machine.

    He was also a great cyclist!

  2. Sara Friend says:

    We liked your blog. We hope you find a way to put a science kit in a tube – some of us might think about it and come to you with our suggestions.

    Class 3SF

  3. Poppy McEwan says:

    Cool blog and I still need to find out about the 3D glasses if they work if the red and blue bits and the glasses would work the same if you used yellow and green. Doyou think it would work?

  4. Joe says:

    Well, i don’t think so. Because it’s all about the colour filters. The red and blue filter out certain colours to make it 3D, and assuming that yellow and green will filter out different colours, so you’d have to make an image with a specific colour scheme. Then it might work.

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