January 27th

As you may have read last week we had to find a new committee member from Year 5. So, with Megan’s HR help we gave a talk about what it is committee members do, gave out application forms and organised interviews. We took the whole process very seriously as you can see.



It was a very hard decision but we decided on Lewis.

He says “I will come to every meeting, give 120% to Lab_13 and bring lots of new ideas”. He was in the Lab_13 Summer Science Camp last year and loves science. Lewis feels very happy being on the committee and we are sure he will do a good job.

The details for our brilliant Lab_13 celebration have been decided and we are going to organise a Lab_13 Mufti Science Day on the 10th of February. The theme will be Mad Scientists so all the children in the school will dress up. There will be prizes for each year so we will get a lot of participation.

Here are some tips we think would be helpful

  • Big Hair! Girls can backcomb and boys can spike theirs.
  • Glasses or goggles Smoky face as if something just blew up
  • Lab coat/long white shirt.
  • Sideways tie and messy shirt
  • Black or grey trousers

We are inviting business to Walking with Scientists so that they see all the great work that is being done in Lab_13. We hope all these business people will enjoy Lab_13 as much as we do and give us some of their company’s money!

That’s all for this week, Jasmine and Millie

3 Responses to January 27th

  1. Rick says:

    congratulations to Lewis on joining the Management Team, thanks to Megan for being HR Consultant..
    Amy and I called in on Thursday (we were just passing by, honestly) and it was great to see the space again, and people coming in to start their investigations..
    we are sooooo looking forward to seeing you on 10 February at Walking with Scientists.. just one question – do we have to dress up as ‘mad’ scientists too?
    all the best

  2. Joe says:

    Well, it depends on how serious you want to be! I don’t think Jennifer or the other teachers are dressing up because they need to serious and business like I suppose!


  3. Sara Friend says:

    Congratulations, Lewis. I will be ‘plugging’ the Mad Scientist dress theme to my class. Unfortunately, the staff are expected to continue to ‘look’ normal so it is up to the children to make the school appear a bit unhinged 🙂

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