January 6th

This week in Lab_13 there have been taller than usual scientists! On Tuesday all the teachers got to come in and see how Lab_13 works. Each group worked on a question they had asked based on their science topic this term. They had some really great questions like “Does the weight of an arrow make a difference?”, “Should soil be included in the list of what plants need to survive?” and “Why can we see clouds if they are made of gas?”.

Then during the rest of the week, the Teaching Assistants had sessions  where they spent some time answering their own questions, doing some fun experiments and enjoying the hands-on Lab_13 experience.

Some admitted that they were a little nervous at the prospect of doing science experiments but everyone enjoyed themselves and learnt lots. One group asked “Why do people fart?” and had great fun looking at fermentation reactions. Others investigated all things about Materials and enjoyed seeing new ways of making activities  more open ended and questions based. “It got the grey matter working!” one TA said.


We have interviewed some of our TA’s and this is what they said:

“I thought it was great, I want to go back!” answered Miss Price

“Absolutely amazing, an asset to primary education!” explained Mrs Hale. Mrs. Hale also won our Science Gold award of the week for her enthusiasm and answering a great question!

And Mrs Morgan said: “I thought it was fantastic! It made me think a lot!”

“It was awesome I learnt a lot.” Replied Mrs Hussain

So that shows that they really enjoyed it!

2 Responses to January 6th

  1. Mr Lett says:

    It was a great idea, with lots of fun learning taking place. Well done to Miss Hogan for her explantions and all the staff who took part for their enthusiasm, especially Mrs Hale.

  2. Joe says:

    Mrs Hale got _Lab_13 Gold award!

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