June 20th

Hello it’s Joe from Irchester writing this blog!

Our Yr 4 children are part of project called ‘Linking Partnership’ with Towcester School and Parklands School in Northampton. The motives of the project are that the schools can visit each other to see how different schools operate and how each school has something special about them.

On Thursday, 100 children in total from both schools and ours came to do a fun hands-on experiment in Lab_13 – our school’s very special thing. They created Rainbow tubes where they combined liquids of different density, each with its own colour.  When combined, the densest liquid will sink to the bottom and the lightest will be above. Consequently, due to the different colours, this will create a rainbow effect.

Miss Hogan said she had never had such quiet children in the lab they were concentrating so hard! Lots of the children said they wanted a Lab_13 in their school!

Also, last week the Year 5 committee members had a very important meeting with Rick and Amy from Ignite.  They spoke about the future of Lab_13, funding options and how to approach people about becoming sponsors fo our lab.

One thing we are very excited about is the possibility of having a Summer Committee Party and inviting all the other Lab_13 committees to Irchester to celebrate a year of wonderful Lab_13 activites! Let us know if your Lab_13 committee would like to join us!

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