21st March

Hello! This is Edwin and Joe writing this week’s blog!

After Thursday’s fun-packed day at the Big Bang Fair, we (the committee) returned on Saturday. This time……. on business. . . .

After the long drive up to Birmingham and, a while finding somewhere to park, we met Amy, Rick and Hasmita from Ignite at our stall. Once we unloaded the Little Sherlock science kits and our famous question board we started to talk to people about Lab_13 and inviting them to our stall to ask questions and talk about why Lab_13 is so brilliant!

One of the first things Edwin and Ellie did was meet Michelle from BBC4’s “So You Want to be a Scientist”. It was nice meeting her because we really want to have a children’s version of the contest – right now we are too young to enter! They took part in an experiment on horrible noises.

Next, we interviewed random people and some business people to see what they like about Lab_13. We used microphones and video recorders and felt very professional. Edwin’s favourite interview was Tom Warrender from ClassroomMedics. He had loads of stuff to say about why he liked science and told us his burning question .Also he told us he enjoyed science in primary school but wished it was more hands-on.


We also went round to the big companies stands such as: Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Google, Astrium, Festo, Shell, E-on, Thales, JCB, Nestle, BAE systems, and talked about the Lab and whether they would like to come over to our stall and ask us a few questions and to talk about possible funding. People were very interested and we made some great contacts for our RSC funded Chemistry at Work Day too!

Also we had our own free time to wonder around the Big Bang Fair. We saw robotic flying penguins, a BAE system robot and Ellie running on custard! Also Ellie took part in the Shell Dance for Energy Stand where she danced on coloured squares to generate some energy. Her team made enough to charge a mobile phone…for a few seconds.

Ellen was welding with milky bar chocolate to make a bridge with The Welding Institute. Jasmine and Edwin went to a tasting session where they had to taste different tastes and see what they felt like when rolled on the tongue. They had to see where they tasted each taste. Then they investigated the texture of ice-cream. They even tasted fizzy crisps at the end. Edwin saw a really cool Mars Rover unfortunately it was a fake!

To add to this, our Little Sherlock Kits were awesome and all sold out very quickly. We even had people asking us to email them the experiments because they thought they were so awesome!



But we have some very sad news this week. Because the Year 5  Lab_13 committee members have experienced so much that they need to retire. We will be recruiting this week. Oh the sadness, the sorrow and the humanity!!!!


We’ll have more news next week!



4 Responses to 21st March

  1. Rick says:

    as ever you guys, pay a great tribute to your Yr 5 management team members for the fantastic job they have done.. you are the superstars of Lab_13s and you all showed it the Big Bang..
    I’ve been explaining how awesomely confident you are in interviewing and talking to people about the science and how to be a scientist at primary school.

    thanks a million to all retiring management team members
    and good hunting for the new committee.

  2. It was lovely to meet the Lab 13-ers at the Big Bang Fair.
    It sounds like you had an amazing time, and saw loads of cool sciency stuff.
    I was lady from the Bang Goes The Theory interactive area, and was privileged enough to be allowed to hit some of you with a big hammer in order to demonstrate the properties of liquid body armour!
    You guys were great!

    • lab13network says:

      Thank you for your comment Vicki. We had great fun with you at the Big Bang Fair and we are still very tired. Hopefully we can see you again! From the Management Committee

  3. kdoyle1 says:

    Hi Everyone, sounds like you had a fantastic time at the Big Bang Fair. Yet again sounds like you have been impressing alot of people again and such good ambassadors for our school. Lets hope one of those big companies find some money to support the Lab for next year! 🙂 How do you run on custard Ellie? Must be very slippery and what was the point of it?

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