March 29th

Hello, this is Joe and Ellie writing about today’s “Winner’s Workshop”.

During National Science and Engineering Week, the Rushden and Higham cluster of schools ran a competition “To create one method of transportation that can carry yourself and two friends across a range of challenging terrains in your global adventure! The race could last many weeks, so vehicles will need to be large enough to carry supplies.”

Due to our growing reputation as science experts, the Lab_13 management committee were asked to judge all the entries in each category. It was hard work, and very frustrating not to be able to pick several winners in each category but after much thought we decided on 8 winners (2 from each category) who we thought had the most thought out and ideal vehicle. The prize was that they could come to our Lab_13 for a Winner’s Workshop.

Today children from  5 different schools arrived to explore some fun science at Lab_13. From the foundation stage winners aged 5 to the Year 6 winners aged 11 they all arrived full of excitement. Joe and Ellie were on hand to work with the younger children if they needed help but they didn’t need much really!

First, we talked about DNA, and made a model of our own DNA using Multilink, with different colours representing different genes. We then started talking about how important and unique every living thing’s DNA is and had a really fun game about strawberries and kiwis.

Next everyone performed a DNA extraction! They had to make up the extraction liquid too so they completed the whole experiment by themselves! When they saw the DNA strands appearing they all went “wow!”. Some of them thought it was quite pretty holding all the bubbles together but some of the boys thought it looked like bogeys!

The last part of the workshop was learning all about fireworks! They used the Bunsen burner and ethanol to set different salts on fire and saw how these are used in fireworks to gives them their spectacular colours. There was a lot of ooohing and aahing at that part! Then the parents and teachers came to collect them and were very impressed with all the work their children had been doing and how much fun they had learning science!

We want to say a huge congratulations to all the winners!!

4 Responses to March 29th

  1. Penny Thorne says:

    Thankyou for having the winners from the cluster. It looked as though they had great fun. The children from South End Infant School had lots to tell us when they came beack. Penny Thorne

  2. Mrs Nisha Slater says:

    Thank you Lab13. The winners from Whitefriars Junior school had a great time – you have really fired them up about Science! They were keen to show and talk about their strawberry DNA extraction and were thrilled with their science investigation kits!
    Nisha Slater, Whitefriars Junior School

  3. Lyn Dunkley says:

    Thanks for supporting us with our competition. The guest from South End Junior School really enjoyed it. I hope we can visit again some time!
    Miss Dunkley, South End Junior School

  4. skullduggery11 says:

    Hi, I’m Joe, one of the year 6s that helped out that day. They all loved it and especially getting strawberry mush on their hands! (As a few bags split.) 🙂

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